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Meet Hudson Wells

Many of you shared in my long, wondrous trip through pregnancy. I am filled with joy as I introduce the miraculous result: my baby boy, Hudson Wells!

Hudson came into the world a week late, with long fingers and enormous feet stretching out to greet me. At 21.5 inches long, he seemed impossibly big and robust. All along I was expecting a tiny, fragile baby girl, but instead found myself gazing down at a sturdy boy sprouting a head full of blonde hair — blonde!

Hudson and Hercule

I will never forget the moment when my husband proclaimed, “it’s a boy!” What I really heard in that moment was, “it’s a baby!” Those words meant the journey that seemed interminable at times had come to an end, and the fetus growing inside me all those months was now a human being, living and breathing on his own. A real baby, finally on the outside, blinking up at me with his whole life ahead of him.

Out he came, just at the moment when I didn’t think I could push any longer, when I didn’t think I had anything left. Amidst a rush of emotion and activity, my baby was suddenly in my arms. I could only say a single phrase over and over, with tears running down my cheeks: “He’s perfect. He’s perfect.

Weeks after his birth, I still can’t believe this is the little baby who kicked and hiccuped inside me all those months. I am awestruck by his tiny fingernails, his perfect little nose, his bright blue eyes (just like his father’s). He looks up at me with such an intense, alert gaze as if I am the only thing that matters in the entire world. He makes my heart ache.

Now that the delivery is behind me, I feel so thankful for such a healthy pregnancy, for the love and support from our families, for the life this precious boy has ahead of him. The first weeks have flown by in a blur of diapers, laundry and hours upon hours of breastfeeding, but each day there’s a moment when he looks up at me with such serenity and peace. In that instant, I know I’m doing the most important thing I’ve ever done.

Since we left the hospital, things haven’t always been easy. And yet, each day there are moments that shine through the exhaustion and frustration like shafts of brilliant light. Some days I feel like I’m floundering, especially when my dogs look at me with sad eyes that tell me how neglected they feel. But even on the toughest days, I feel like I’m finally doing something meaningful with my life.

Today, I feel truly blessed: for my little family, for my home, for my life that suddenly has a new purpose. It’s already been a grand adventure. And yet, there are so many more moments and milestones to come.

Hudson’s Room

I’m also proud to unveil Hudson’s nursery, which I worked on for the entirety of my pregnancy. It was truly a labor of love, filled with items I made by hand in anticipation of the baby who would one sleep and play here.

The bedding was made by repurposing a twin-size quilt from Anthropologie. I used other pieces of the material inside frames and to make pillows.

This mobile is one of my favorite touches in the room, with birds I sewed by hand in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

In one of my crazier moments, I hung these shelves and painted the chair at nine months pregnant, just a few days before I gave birth.

The mural is a nod to one of my favorite books, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

This beautiful piece of furniture, a gift from my parents, got a little more personality with updated hardware from World Market.

A strand of battery-operated LED lights inside the paper lantern provides just enough light for a late-night diaper change. 

I’ve already spent many hours in this wonderful Little Castle chair, and the pouf from CB2 provides a touch of color and a great place to rest my feet.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me — it’s been amazing.

Anthropologie giraffe bust

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  1. Stacy, He is one beautiful baby! Really even if I didn’t know the mom, I’d say look at this beautiful baby boy! The first six weeks are the hardest so hang in and you’ll get sleep someday. I kiss you both. Mommy Jan

  2. Stacey, We loved seeing the most recent pictures of Hudson. Can’t wait to see him in person this weekend. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It has been special. Love to all of you, Steve and Dee

  3. What a beautiful baby boy! Congrats!

  4. Cannot stop crying this is so beautiful. Motherhood is such a cherished present, not wrapped in paper, but wrapped in purpose. Look forward to trials and triumphs, sorrows and successes, ripples and reward … congrats my friend, your son is amazing (still need to get a frame for your poem so you can place in nursery 🙂

  5. You never cease to amaze me with your talent Stacey!!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing pregnancy journey with us all. You made me laugh, smile and cry with all of your postings. Hudson is one lucky boy to have entered this world with you and Stephen as his amazing, loving parents. Graham and I (soon-to-be baby Post too) can’t wait to meet him! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nursery! Your homemade touches are so special. Huge hugs to you. XOXO



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