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Are You Due Soon?

Pregnant in Asheville

Happy and in heels in Asheville, NC

Last weekend, my husband and I traveled to Asheville, NC to attend the wedding of two special friends. The garden ceremony was moving and intimate, the bride was stunning, the guests were a blast and the meal included some of my favorite things: ripe strawberries, chocolate cupcakes and mini-burgers — yum.

It was an escape from real life in more ways than one. In real life, cashiers say to me, “Are you due soon?” Soon? No, I’m only half as big as I’m going to get. But thank you for noticing. And last night, my husband marveled proudly, “I can’t believe how big your belly is!” When I said, “But everyone at work is telling me it’s not that big,” he responded matter-of-factly, “No. They’re lying to you. You’re only five months along and your belly is huge!”

I am not making these things up.

Last weekend I discovered all a pregnant gal has to do is shimmy into a dress and squeeze her swollen feet into something other than flip flops, and guess what? People are so nice! Every time I turned around someone was squealing over my belly, exclaiming over the fact that I was in heels or saying, “You look so great!!!”

It was fabulous.

When all the guests — including several elderly folks — left the garden ceremony via a winding stone staircase, I was the one clinging to the railing, holding up all the traffic behind me and arriving at the top panting and sweating. I stopped to catch my breath and the woman behind me didn’t say, “Good god, could you have taken any longer!?” Nor did she express her sympathy to my husband or ask me if I needed an ambulance. Amazingly enough, she said, “When I’m pregnant, I want to look just like you.”

Hallelujah! I think I actually said, “God bless you” (while mopping the sweat from my face like an overweight Southern preacher).

The star treatment continued all night long. When Vanilla Ice finally moved me to call out, “Make way for big lovin’!” and hit the dance floor, I felt like the belle of the ball. When we made it back to our room at the ungodly hour of 11:30 pm, my feet were so bruised and swollen I could hardly walk, and I fell asleep on the hotel bed as soon as I freed myself from my dress. But if my body could have taken it, I would have been shaking my booty and strutting around in heels until next Tuesday.

I’m already plotting my next opportunity to wear a dress and hang out by a staircase, just to get some more of that “baby just took her first steps” attention (“Yaaaay!! Look at yooooouuuu!!!“). In the meantime, tell your friends: if they’re looking for a pregnant chick who can shake it to “Bust a Move” for a solid 2-3 minutes, give me a call.

Pregnant in Heels

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  1. Could you please hit Steven for me? Thanks. ; )

  2. Hey there. I stumbled across your blog in the pregnancy page. I have to agree with you. When you get yourself dolled up, you feel like a completely different person and not to mention, that “glow” that people talk endlessly about.

    Good luck on your pregnancy! I know a lot of people talk about how they feel like it goes so slow, but I feel like it goes fast! I think we have something in common. I actually love being pregnant (minus the vomiting and morning sickness I’ve had throughout, but even that didn’t bring me down!).

    • @RAS — I’m so glad you found my blog, and congratulations on your pregnancy! It definitely has its ups and downs, but is an exciting time regardless. Despite the rough patches, I’ve enjoyed being pregnant too (and wrote about that in my entry titled, “I Have a Secret …”). Best wishes to you!

  3. Hi there, I enjoyed reading your blog about your pregnancy. I myself my 33weeks pregnent with my 4th child and having both hell of a time plus good ones. Alot of people think I am about 4months because I haven’t got a big belly and do not believe me when I mention that I am 33weeks.

    Anyway I actually love my belly size and being close is just getting more interesting and fun right now.

    Good luck and enjoy every bit of it.

  4. Ur to funny stacey. Believe me when I say you are speaking to every first pregnancy mommy out there. People used to ask me if I was having twins! Can you believe it….ask the girls I used to call them up and complain over plates of chocolate the end I gave in and would tell those random strangers, ‘no there’s actually three in there.’LOL

  5. Stacy, you are adorable and I will always be your mommy Jan!

  6. Stacey, You are the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen. And your glow makes you even more beautiful.

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